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Source code: sprinkle Chameleon Droplet DropletCollider EveryTicker Faucet Flower Leaf LeafFlipped Level LevelChameleon LevelEnd LevelGravity LevelLongshot LevelManyLeaves LevelPitcher LevelSplitter LevelTitle LevelTraining Mousable Tulip

Built with Processing

--The game my team and I made for the 2010 Global Game Jam - "Sprinkle". Here is the game page for the Northestern University College of Creative Industries site where my team of 5 toiled from Friday 5PM 'til Sunday 3PM.

The game might be a little more complex than we intended - we were trying to go for not needing text, but... on the Title Screen click to get started. For the first level, you are able to drag the leaf... that's the only hint I'm gonna give. (Unless someone asks.) There are 9 boards in all, including the title and win screen.