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Go with my mom over the Millennium (or "Wobbly", based on what happened opening day) Bridge to the Tate Modern, a terrific collection of all types of modern art. Then to Covent Garden, I rode one of those odd "put your self in a gyroscope" contraptions.

On the Millennium Bridge, the Tate Modern in the background,
with the inflatable sculpture "Blockhead" in front of it.


St. Paul's in the distance, over the Thames

More Blockhead.

Mo and Mom inside the Tate Modern, which was an old power station.

View of the Thames from the restaurant at the Tate Modern.

"Found Art"? "This Crane Not Certified For Lifting"

Reflection from the escalator.

Me in the back of a London Taxi.

The statue of George Washington at Trafalger Square;
Supposedly they imported Virginia dirt for underneath it,
Since he had vowed never to step foot on British soil.

I saw this billboard around a bit...

Mo and Chloe, the nieghborhood cat.

Mo and Mom walking.

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