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Wander London. Happen to catch some of the changing of the guard at Buckingham--amused to hear the band play "One Moment In Time", the song that dare not speak its name in high school (after an assembly where we had to repeat it about 5 times longer than we had planned.) We see Hamley's toystore and a number of other shops around Piccadilly Circus and Trocadero.

I was amused by the directness of this poster.

The Changing of the Guard band is playing "One Moment in Time", I swear.

What if you thought what if, indeed.

A lot of Motorcycles in London.

I'd never seen a virtual Ping Pong game before.

Actually, this toy store Hamley's claim to have invented Ping Pong.

Honesty in store naming!

Regent Street, very cool and curved.

"Pacifists are Dodgy Creatures", stuck to a door.

Chinatown in Soho

On my mom's street, someone made a happy face.

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