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Take the train to Aschaffenburg. Get met by Veronika's future brother-in-law-in-law Mark, though because of a later planning mixup we get a cab to hightail it at the last moment to Veronika's wedding. A terrific reception, where I have a bit much to drink. I only had one glass of wine, but it kept seeming to get refilled...

German trainstation graffiti. Seems to claim to be Picasso!

I'd only seen a trainstation like this in movies before this day.

We just made it to the wedding! Had to call a taxi at the last minute.

The bride and groom had chairs, very convenient.

Veronika and Volker.

This would be such a great shot if it wasn't for that window...

Veronika and Volker at the wedding reception.

Us with Mark (who had given us a lift from the trainstation) and his wife Anke

Florian is the blurry physics doctorate student,
and we had hung out with Barbel (and Veronika) in NYC in 1999.

I think Mo has some idea how much red wine I had to drink...

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