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OrbWorks' PocketC is a great toy language for Palm-OS handheld organizers. (Shareware, so try it out!) It allows programmers to write, compile, and run programs all on the PalmPilot itself. Although a little underpowered for "serious" development, it'sk a lot of fun for the geek on the go.

All this software: a game, some utilities, some PocketC references, are offered as E-Mail-Me-Ware: if you use it PLEASE WRITE me at kirk_pocketc at alienbill dot com - it makes my efforts feel appreciated, and since these programs are all lightly documented, I will be happy to answer any questions. Everything except the Windows program is downloadable in text form: simply copy from the browser and paste into your Pilot Desktop program.

More freeware for Windows is available on my Main Software Page.




mezzomusic NEW
A tune composer that uses actual musical notation to record melodies and then play them back. For whole notes to sixteenth notes, sharps to flats, it's in there. Still in it's early stages, however. Future features should include:
  • Full featured editing
  • Tune Loading/Saving with PocketSynth Import/Export
  • "Measures" (not just one big melody)
  • Tempo Control
  • Quantizing Feature to capture rhythms in "real time"
3 Memos:
Memo1 Memo2 Memo3
Requires PocketC
Pocket JoustPong 0.7
A highly playable, configurable one-player arcade action game, written for PocketC in a single memo! One player Pong with Joust's "flap" button for control- the computer opponent plays a decent but far from perfect game. (Inspired by conversation on the newsgroup Memo Version
Requires PocketC
PDB Version
Requires PocketC Runtime Windows Version
BitmapBuddy 0.5
BitmapBuddy is a Bitmap maker for PocketC with a built-in on-Pilot editor. It allows the user to edit a bitmap and then generates the corresponding "string bits" parameter for the PocketC "bitmap()" function. V0.5 speeds up the final string printing, as well as adding load capabilities. 2 Memos: Memo1 Memo2
Requires PocketC
PDB Version
Requires PocketC Runtime
BMP2Hex (for Windows)
A Windows-based cousin of Bitmap Buddy: Converts standard Windows .BMP files into the corresponding "string bits" parameter of the PocketC "bitmap()" function. (Because it's written in Visual Basic it requires VBRUN300.DLL, available Here, but that file may be on your system already.)

Zip File
Requires VBRUN300.DLL
Readme File
Mirror Darkly
Possibly the shortest useful PocketC program. (Blatantly ripped off from a description of a similar program). Makes your Palm's screen black, which makes it a much more reflective surface. Memo Version
Requires PocketC
PocketC References UPDATED for PocketC 3.61
I usually don't bother to have a "DOC" reader on my Palm PDA, so I had to convert the PocketC Function Reference to MemoPad format. The "full version" takes up 4 Memos, but I managed to get a quick reference (which I find more useful, now that I'm familiar with most of the commands) in a single Memo, that contains summaries of all the input and output parameters. Quick Reference
Full Reference:
Memo 1 Memo 2
Memo 3 Memo 4