2600 Cookbook
Assembled by Kirk Israel - Version 0.01

This is an attempt to collect some of the collected wisdom, clever ideas, and best practices of the [stella] mailing list into one convenient and hopefully inspirational location. It draws its inspiration from the earliest incarnations of The Dig, which presented libraries of snippets that really showed me the possibilities homebrew 2600 had (when you're just starting out programming the Atari 2600, even a simple playfield graphic demo seems like a miracle.) It takes its title and format from some excellent O'Reilly books I've enjoyed on Perl and Java.

The 2600 Cookbook isn't meant to be an introduction to programming the 2600: see 2600 101 or Andrew Davie's AtariAge forum 2600 Programming For Newbies

Ideally, every topic discussed here will include a brief mention of the problem, a simple summary of the solution, and then in-depth discussion; including, whenever appropriate, complete and ready-to-assemble code demos. (I like to highlight the important bits relative to the lesson in red so it stands out from the boilerplate.) Also, a references section might make sense, containing links to [stella] discussion or other relevant webpages or tools.

The 2600 Cookbook welcomes submissions from any [stella] member. Especially in these early days! (Here's a blank template) Also, I will be cribbing from the [stella] archive and other known references for additional information.