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Took the Evan Evans tour to Stonehenge and Bath. Saw the ancient Roman Baths and sampled the (rather blood tasting, thanks to the Iron) water there. Most people took it as a day trip but we were on the overnight tour, spent the evening at the very fine and amusingly named "Pratt's Hotel". That's where we also had a very good three course dinner.


Lonely rock.

View of Bath from the Bus.

The abbey in Bath.

The 19th century statues added on top of the Roman Baths.

Statues above, Baths below.
Centuries ago, there was a roof, and the water wasn't so algae-riffic.


I liked this curse.

The bird was enjoying the bath.

Back outside the Pump Room, with the Abbey behind.

I thought this statue had kind of an odd "Mummy Jesus" vibe.

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