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Veronika and Volker have to pack for Mexico, plus we help them count and organize some of the money they received as wedding gifts. (The Germans are less shy about cash wedding gifts: sending cards, attaching them to plants as money trees I guess you'd say, and in V+V's case, embedding them in cinder blocks, symbolic of their plans to buy or build a home.) Then we drive into Frankfurt, eat at an African restaurant, and have desert and cocktails elsewhere.

German's are a lot less hung up about money as a wedding gift...
we helped count it. It's like Monopoly!

Errr, some city we passed through...

Tallest building in Europe? At least in Frankfurt.

The old government center of Frankfurt... Römerberg, named that because of its Roman-day origins. Or something.

(Scroll to the right)

Nuthin' but Nutella...

Volker enjoyed a Nutella Crepe.

Detektiv Fido! Fido P.I.!

We walked through the Mayfair, this is a booth in the shape of a traditional wine vessel.

The old Frankfurt Opera House I think.

Mo liked the face of this gargoyle guy.

Opera house reflected in a volkswagen.

Graffiti Bench.

Ping Pong table made of stone.

Monument to Ludwig Borne

Detektiv Fido has competition!

Rent-A-Bike? I think.

Kind of odd to see a matrix-cobranded advertisement on such a church tower.

A big statue celebrating the Euro...

...I mean a BIG statue.

Finally we go for cocktails,

in the dark.

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