083.a.vilar formoso portugal august 1992.jpg

083.b.faz falta cafe.jpg

084.a.portugal honda and castle.jpg

084.b.with marcos and baptista train station at night.jpg

085.a.faz falta with fractions of seconds group.jpg

085.b.inside faz falta.jpg

086.a.rehearing fractions of seconds.jpg

086.b.marcos andrade.jpg

087.a.view off of roman bridge.jpg

087.b.roman bridge with manny, alex, marcos.jpg

088.a.local bullfight.jpg

088.b.leaping on the bull.jpg

088.c.bull shoving rake.jpg

089.a.view from train.jpg

089.b.view from train.jpg

090.a.eiffel bridge.jpg

090.b.eiffel bridge.jpg

091.a.uptown band poster.jpg

091.b.faz falta mural.jpg

092.a.gang at faz falta.jpg

092.b.faz falta game boy.jpg


093.b.fractions of seconds crew.jpg

094.a.roman bridge.jpg

094.b.getting ready for fractions of seconds.jpg

095.a.alex in fractions of seconds.jpg

095.b.waiter and fractions of seconds.jpg

096.a.fractions of seconds and a can.jpg

096.b.fractions of seconds and a can.jpg

097.a.drunk in vilar formoso train station.jpg

097.b.gathering foliage on the rocky terrain.jpg

098.a.historical town.jpg

098.b.king giving town right to exist statue.jpg

098.c.old construction.jpg

099.a.local bullring.jpg

099.b.local bull.jpg

099.c.bull jousting.jpg

100.a.bull from under stands.jpg

100.b.little doggie in the ring.jpg

100.c.bull chasing guy.jpg

101.a.milling around waiting for bull.jpg

101.b.the bull enters.jpg

101.c.bull in truck.jpg

102.a.broken glass.jpg

102.b.thumb and sandals.jpg