069.a.marnie adjusts corsage before prom with stu and wendy.jpg

069.b.marnie shows some leg.jpg

069.c.marcos emily mike lynn me marnie stu wendy in salupo's backyard.jpg

070.a.bill aube and lisa moster prom 1992.jpg

070.b.reggie and ernalisa.jpg

070.c.wandy and jenn prom 1992.jpg

071.a.marnie before prom.jpg

071.b.marnie before prom.jpg

071.c.marnie before prom.jpg

072.a.with marnie before prom.jpg

072.b.mike and lynn before prom.jpg

072.c.wendy and stu.jpg

073.a.preprom group.jpg

073.b.preprom group.jpg

073.c.preprom group.jpg

073.d.preprom group.jpg

074.a.preprom limo.jpg

074.b.my butt going into limo.jpg

075.a.thumb marcos emily.jpg

075.b.wendy marnie lynn.jpg

075.c.keith sheurman and date.jpg

076.a.jeff kaleal and date.jpg

076.b.jeff saheeb kropf and date.jpg

077.a.grads in front of ehs me wendy lynn jenn debbi galosis another.jpg

077.b.guys graduatiing.jpg

077.c.with mom and marcos before graduation.jpg

078.a.award ceremony stage.jpg

078.b.awards billboard with marcos.jpg

079.a.von banken.jpg

079.b.mz bambic.jpg

079.c.von daughter and thumb.jpg

079.d.mrs mclaughlin with wandy and jenn.jpg

080.a.with marnie ready to graduate with honors.jpg

080.b.with colleen i think graduating.jpg

080.c.with honr jenn graduating.jpg

081.a.room in euclid.jpg

081.b.room in euclid.jpg

081.c.with tiny marnie.jpg

082.a.marnie with flower.jpg

082.b.with marnie at prom bridge.jpg