050.a.keith scheurman mike witczak outside atlanta 1991.jpg

050.b.outside world of coca cola marching band to atlanta.jpg

050.c.king of stone mountain (parking lot).jpg

051.a.stone mountain 1.jpg

051.b.stone mountain 2.jpg

052.a.stone mountain 3.jpg

052.b.stone mountain 4.jpg

053.a.atlanta underground courtyard.jpg

053.b.zoo atlanta rhino.jpg

053.c.japanese businessmen atop stone mountain.jpg

054.a.marching band with eric clean marine carlson.jpg

054.b.with mr alspaugh band leader.jpg

054.c.atlant christmas parade teddy bear.jpg

055.a.with holly struna homecoming 1991.jpg

055.b.publicity shot.jpg


055.d.christmas play with patti elaine judy hill and jamie.jpg

056.a.marching band beau hill.jpg

056.b.222 street jazz in concert.jpg

056.c.marcos andrade in euclid living room.jpg

057.a.being knighted by marcos.jpg

057.b.being knighted by marcos ouch.jpg

058.a.marcos as cyrano.jpg

058.b.with nicole at ehs winterfest.jpg

058.c.marnies great green purple dress at wintefest 1992.jpg

058.d.as a bookwork.jpg

059.a.as rudolph the headwaiter in guys and dolls in bandroom.jpg

059.b.marnie as townfolk in bandroom.jpg

059.c.maria d'amico on right.jpg

060.a.in sunday best with marnie.jpg

060.b.jenn melnyk and ben shuskey.jpg

060.c.as bandmember with marcos.jpg

061.a.me as rudolph.jpg

061.b.hello dali.jpg

061.c.hello dolly put on your sunday clothes.jpg

062.a.hello dolly waiters gallop group.jpg

062.b.lynn gessler hello dolly.jpg

062.c.18th bday mike lin lynn beau marnie me jamie heidi marcos eric.jpg

063.a.in bus jazzband to florida 1992.jpg

063.b.in bus jazzband to florida 1992.jpg

064.a.rest stop during trip to florida.jpg

064.b.debbie long at rest stop during trip to florida.jpg

064.c.international movie posters at universal in florida.jpg

065.a.ellen and mike at disney.jpg

065.b.universal studios gate.jpg

065.c.mike and ellen at disney world waterfall.jpg

066.a.with woodchuck by epcot golf ball.jpg

066.b.the boys at disney.jpg

066.c.greg and mike in hotel room.jpg

067.a.glen russ lane snow scene.jpg

067.b.marcos snuggles kirk award winner.jpg

067.c.bandroom flipped.jpg

068.a.after last day of school marcos jenn melnyk me and mike.jpg

068.b.lisa moster end of school.jpg

068.c.colleen and friend.jpg