018.d.as ronald reagen mrs hoffmans english class 1986.jpg

019.a.monticello middle school science fair.jpg

019.b.folks at glens falls parade stop.jpg

019.c.sue kirk betty christmas 1985 waltham.jpg

019.d.don burrows glens falls.jpg

020.a.dad as wittenburg godfather.jpg

020.b.in coshocton tree grandmas backyard.jpg

020.c.christmas in euclid.jpg

021.a.with dad sick at euclid christas.jpg

021.b.with mickey.jpg

023.a.with todd beecher at sanford street.jpg

023.b.family in ocean grove new jersey july 1983.jpg

023.c.first sousaphone marching in glens falls.jpg

024.a.with dylan murray glens falls may 1986.jpg

024.b.dad with moose antlers falling leaves festival oct 1980.jpg

024.c.doing my play starpox.jpg


025.b.mrs beale and the monticello orchestra cleveland heights.jpg

025.c.cornell jordan in my euclid room.jpg

026.a.camp neosa eric dana and beau hill.jpg

026.b.camp neosa wiley tammy ford and eric dana.jpg

026.c.neosa water mafia critter on left.jpg

026.d.elaine smith and cornell jordan camp neosa.jpg

027.a.heidi e at dhq.jpg

027.b.neosa youth band before mexico.jpg

027.c.neosa youth band col payton and tammy mclaughlin.jpg

028.a.jeff amd jenn in mexico.jpg

028.b.brian and tammy mclaughlin capt carvill and joe mercer.jpg

028.c.jimmy hevsila and beau hill mexico 1989.jpg

029.a.youth band in mexico 1989.jpg

029.b.youth band in mexico 1989.jpg

029.c.tammy mclaughlin.jpg

029.d.youth band in mexico.jpg

030.a.plaza d angel mexico.jpg

030.b.cornell jordan.jpg

030.c.lesly in mexico.jpg

031.a.plaza d angel.jpg

031.b.wall at disney world spring 1989.jpg

031.c.susan with mickey shrub.jpg

032.a.french epcot spring 1989.jpg

032.b.with aunt susan at disney.jpg

032.c.young mike witczak at locker.jpg

033.a.with matthew and bruno.jpg

033.b.gooch in mdm pla class.jpg

033.c.mr sarich bandleader freshman year.jpg

033.d.with wendy wang freshman band awards slovenia workers home in cleveland.jpg

034.a.lynn gessler in mr jablonski room.jpg

034.b.with shannon ramsey at ehs winter fest 1990.jpg