BABAM!book - cheatsheets for musicians

A collection of per-instrument cheatsheets for songs BABAM plays most often.

Most of our songs are simple melody / bass part splits. If you have one melody instrument and some low brass or a bari sax... you've got a band!

The Songs

"HONK!" Standards:
from School of HONK:

Additional Songs

We also do a lot of chant-backing, most often in Bb (here are some notes on simple Bb improv) and some songs we will come back to but have not put into full cheatsheet form yet:

See also BABAM!'s songs we play page and the BABAM Chart-O-Tron page.

The Cheatsheets (by instrument)

Below are links to instrument-specific pages that you can quickly reference on a smartphone (maybe put a bookmark on your phones app list!) or from a printout.

When appropriate, finger/slide positions are indicated, to help musicians less famililar with reading charts. (For saxophones and keyboard parts, note names are given)

Melody Parts

(Bb Treble Clef Melody Part with Trumpet/Baritone fingerings indicated)
Alto Sax
(Eb Treble Clef melody parts)
C Melody
(treble clef melody in C with note names indicated)
(Concert bass clef melody part with Trombone Positions indicated )

Bass Parts

Tuba / Trombone
(Concert Bass Cleff Bass Part with Tuba fingerings or Trombone Positions indicated)
Baritone (Bass Parts)
(Bb Treble Cleff Bass Part with Baritone/Trumpet fingerings indicated)
Bari Sax (Bass Parts)
(Eb Treble Clef bass parts with note names indicated)