cheatsheets for musicians

This page is meant to be a collection of cheatsheets for the 12 or so songs that have proven most useful for BABAM's cross-band meetups. (more info on BABAM!'s songs we play page.)


The goal of these is to have a instrument-specific page you can quickly reference on a smartphone or from a printout. Also, when appropriate, finger/slide positions are indicated, to help musicians less famililar with reading charts. (For saxophones and keyboard parts, note names are given) Solefage coverage coming soon.

Melody Parts

(Bb Treble Clef Melody Part with Trumpet/Baritone fingerings indicated)
Alto Sax
(Eb Treble Clef melody parts)
C Melody
(treble clef melody in C with note names indicated)
(Concert bass clef melody part with Trombone Positions indicated )

Bass Parts

Tuba / Trombone
(Concert Bass Cleff Bass Part with Tuba fingerings or Trombone Positions indicated)
Baritone (Bass Parts)
(Bb Treble Cleff Bass Part with Baritone/Trumpet fingerings indicated)
Bari Sax (Bass Parts)
(Eb Treble Clef bass parts with note names indicated)

Honk Standards

Mercy Mercy Mercy
Second Line (Joe Avery's Blues)
Watermelon Man

from School of Honk

We Got That Fire
Lets Go Overcome (Lets Go Get 'Em + We Shall Overcome)
La Murga de Panama
Push It


This Little Light of Mine
Down by the Riverside
Saints (Concert F)


Space Cadet (12-bar Bb blues)