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A very simple way of making an HTML based UI wrapper for a database, inspired by some Palm prudcts like "ThingDB". You put this script in a directory (on a system that supports DBM databases, as most Unix systems do) and then define a database by describing its fields in a text file:
simple select|select|foo,bar,baz
select defaults three|select|one,two,three,four|three
checkbox defaults on|checkbox|on
checkbox defaults off|checkbox
simple textfield|text
textfield with default|text|this default
long textfield|text||60
short textfield with default|text|def|5
The format is field name|field type| other arguments. For a select list, the 3rd argument is a comma seperated list of options followed by an optional 4th specifying what the default is. Checkbox has an optional 3rd arg "on" which causes it to default on for new entries. A text field has an optional third default text and an optional fourth size for the text box. A date field defaults to today's date.

The program takes this *.kdb file and makes a database for it, complete with dump (sortable on any field), add entry, delete entry, modify entry UIs.

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K/photo is a trivial-to-use perl script to make an online photo album out of a directory full of pictures. Drop the script (or, if your ISP supports it, a symbolic link) into a directory of GIFs and JPEGs as "index.cgi" and when you go the directory through your web browser, you will have the option to view the images one at a time (via a click through photo album) or all on one large page. From any page you can jump to any other photo.

I've recently updated this script, and given it a friend. It's now easy to add captions to any of the photos... to add captions or make a splashpage, copy in or make a symlink to editkphoto.cgi in the same directory. Go to the URL for that directory, and you'll have a simple HTML form to edit the album title, splashscreen HTML, and captions for each of the photos. (You have to make sure that the script has permission to write to a file named "" in the same directory.) Then remove the edit symlink (or leave it if you're feeling lucky) and you have a fully captioned photoalbum with no coding work (HTML or otherwise) on your part!

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K/link is a neat online bookmark system. I was sick of having different sets of bookmarks at work and at home, in Netscape and in IE. Also, I wanted a category system as easy to use (or easier) than IE, and the ability to have comments about each link, not just a title. Since then, my buddy Tree adapted the same code to make a slashbox on slashdot. It uses cookies to validate you are authorized to make changes on every screen, so it has a username/password hardwired into the script/ klink.cgi
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