"The future of gaming can be summed up in two words -- Pong and Joust"
--Otter on rec.games.video.classic

Pong with a "Flap" button. (If you have trouble starting the game, try clicking on the applet itself to make sure it's receiving the keystrokes.) Feel free to distribute, but drop me some e-mail at kirkjoustpong at alienbill dot com. Here's the source code as well as the general SquareSprite and GameRunner classes I made that handle the collision detection, double buffering, movement, and framerate handling.

The idea for this game came from the Usenet group rec.games.video.classic. I think it's philisophically interesting, as one of the most complex games you can control with a single button press. Earlier I've made versions in Visual Basic and PocketC for Palm.

You can change some of the phsyics of the game here:
Gravity: BallXSpeed:
FlapStrength: WinScore:
arenaHeight: arenaWidth: