About Alien Bill

Who's Alien Bill?
Alien Bill, the round running alien eyeball, has been Kirk Israel's signature sketch since 1990.

Why an Eyeball?
The all seeing alien, always in motion, looks straight into your karmic aura....

Not really. Mostly he was a good way to end quick notes in highschool, an aesthetically balanced 'guy', sometimes running, sometimes holding up signs containing quick commentary. (He hasn't got a mouth, you see.)

Why 'Bill'?
When it came time to give him a name, Bill seemed like a fairly typical, inoffensive name, the kind you might find anywhere. It has nothing to do with my uncle or the head of any really big technology company with monopolistic tendencies-- if I had it to do again, I might use Alien Bill's little known last name, Jones.

1990: First sighting of Alien Bill (distant cousin of zinger the clown, both being letter signoff mascots.)
1993: First use of "Alien Bill Productions" for a software project
1993: Creation of the first Blender of Love
1996: Establishment of alienbill.com, loveblender relocates
1997: Establishment of loveblender.com as its own site.
1999: Establishment of kisrael.com as a seperate vanity site.
2001: kisrael.com relaunched as a daily "quote and link" blog.
2003: kirkjerk.com added as a mirror of kisrael.
2004: Release of JoustPong for the Atari 2600
2009: Alienbill.com relaunched as a portfolio site.

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