splash-o-matic 2600


what is this?

This is a graphical editor for large images that can output code ready to run on an Atari 2600.

It can generate sample code for 48px sprite-based or various Playfield images. You can even import a PNG or JPG and it will do its best to show you a monochrome version you can then re-color as needed.

(Some knowledge of batari Basic may be helpful. We recommend Atari Dev Studio for VS Code.)

Note that the generated code samples are not going to well-tuned for ROM usage etc, epecially in terms of colors.


  • Karl Garrison for making kernels
  • Random Terrain for the DPC+ template and general bB wisdom storage.


Fork me at github. You can also download the zip for your own personal offline use!


If you find this tool useful, drop me a line at kirkjerk@gmail.com or a shoutout to @kisrael at Atari Age Forums, or ping Kirk Israel on Facebook.


  • description/notes of each kernel...
  • save/restore to local storage??
  • more fonts
  • undo
  • local storage for drafts (or explicit save/new?)
  • new kernel modes: PF (mirrored assym, just mirrored, etc)
  • share text tool, dynamic fonts
  • import from source code
  • pass globals into kernel functions
  • allow color changes indpendent of scanlines per pixel??
  • BUG: AssymPF1Scanline - not working right
(no promises when I'll get around to things!)


start end


mode/output kernel
height: /
import image file (Web formats (JPG, PNG, etc) supported.
All files handled locally in browser.)