batari BASIC kernel-don't-panic

batari BASIC has a number of options to let the kernel do interesting things.

Unfortunately, many of these options are mutually incompatible, and some of them are dependent on other options!

The batari Basic Command List (maintained by Random Terrain, and where this raw data was lifted from) describes the various options and lists the valid singletons and combinations, but I found it difficult to grasp what worked with what from the list. This chart makes it easier.

player1colors X      
pfcolors   X    
player1colors pfcolors X X    
player1colors playercolors pfcolors XXX    
pfheights    X   
player1colors pfheights X  X   
player1colors playercolors pfheights XX X   
pfcolors pfheights   XX   
player1colors pfcolors pfheights X XX   
player1colors playercolors pfcolors pfheights XXXX   
no_blank_lines     X  
player1colors no_blank_lines X   X  
pfcolors no_blank_lines   X X  
player1colors pfcolors no_blank_lines X X X  
no_blank_lines readpaddle     XX 
player1colors no_blank_lines readpaddle X   XX 
player1colors pfcolors background X X   X
player1colors playercolors pfcolors background XXX   X
player1colors pfheights background X  X  X
player1colors playercolors pfheights background XX X  X
pfcolors pfheights background   XX  X
player1colors pfcolors pfheights background X XX  X
player1colors playercolors pfcolors pfheights background XXXX  X
pfcolors no_blank_lines background   X X X
player1colors pfcolors no_blank_lines background X X X X

*acceptable singleton values in italics