Atari Sound Forger (v0.83 beta)


This is meant as a fun real-time tool for exploring Atari 2600 Sounds and recording loops you can then play back on an Atari

Using "mapping sets", standard atari voices are mapped to the computer keyboard, allowing quick play as with a regular synth keyboard.

You can then record loops, and export two of them into a batari Basic player to play in a real emulator or Atari!

Hopefully this page is (somewhat) self-explanatory, but here's a tutorial video.


Recording, Playback, and Atari Code


    [120bpm : 30 frames per beat] change

batari Basic code

Edit Mapping Sets

Mapping Sets are arrays of JSON and pretty straightforward:

                        desc - description
                        keyboard - currently ignored, set to 'us' for now
                        key2tfm - an map of keyboard keys to Atari tone, frequency, and piano note
                                  (note, octave, then maybe sharp, i.e. e2 or f3# )
                                  (piano note for display purposes only...)
                                  t: tone (voice used)
                                  f: frequency
                                  p: piano note
                                  v: volume (optional, defaults to 8, ignored by js but used in batari Basic listing)


If you edit here and hit "Store and Use Mapping Sets", it is saved to Local Storage, so if you make something cool you may want to copy and paste it to someplace safe.

Current Mappings

(warning: / key leads to bad results on Firefox)


Admittedly I think these are all using NTSC values.

This work relies heavily on other people in the Atari dev community, especially Random Terrain who allowed me to use the Atari 2600 sound clips he painstakingly recorded.

Many of the ideas here were first shown in Visual batari Basic and rely on Eckhard Stolberg's work.

Using Pizzicato.js as the webkit sound library.

Source code open for pull requests at