atari-background-builder v0.82


what is this?

This is a graphical editor for large images that can output code ready to run on an Atari 2600.

Want a 48 pixel splash screen minikernel for your batari Basic or assembly game? We got that. Want the properly flipped bits for your assembly Playfield? We got that. Want to import an existing image file as a background graphic? We got that!

(Some knowledge of batari Basic may be helpful. We recommend Atari Dev Studio for VS Code.)

Note that the generated code samples are not going to well-tuned for ROM usage etc, epecially in terms of colors.


  • Karl Garrison for making kernels
  • Random Terrain for the DPC+ template and general bB wisdom storage.


Fork me at github. You can also download the zip for your offline use!


If you find this tool useful, drop me a line at or a shoutout to @kisrael at Atari Age Forums, or ping Kirk Israel on Facebook.


  • save/restore to local storage??
  • more fonts
  • local storage for drafts (or explicit save/new?)
  • new kernel modes: PF (mirrored assym, just mirrored, etc)
  • publicize text tool, dynamic fonts
  • import from source code
  • allow color changes indpendent of scanlines per pixel??
(no promises when I'll get around to things!)


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kernel type
height: /
kernel description
runnable source code
project save/load
save project:
load project:
import image file (Web formats (JPG, PNG, etc) supported.
All files handled locally in browser.)